Blizzard Sues Major Bot and Cheat Developer for $8.5 Million

Blizzard has filed a motion with the German court for a default judgement against a major bot and cheat developer over its continuous noncompliance.

Bossland is a premium platform that offers a wide range of cheats, hacks, and bots. Its products mostly target titles from Blizzard, though some are also designed for other online games such as Path of Exile, Pokémon Go, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Blizzard has been locking horns with Bossland for several years now. Last year, it filed a lawsuit in a federal court of California, accusing the cheat maker of various forms of copright infringment and violating the company’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) policies.

Bossland, being stationed in Germany, failed to have the case dismissed over a lack of jurisdiction. The court followed up by giving Bossland a 24-hour period to comply. However, it has remained silent since then.

As a result, Blizzard is taking the legal war over to the cheat maker’s home turf and is asking $8.5 million from the German court. The figure is based on an estimated minimum of at least 42,818 violations against the company’s terms of services, with a minimum statutory copyright damage of $200 per infringement.

“Blizzard does not seek such damages as a “punitive” measure against Bossland or to obtain an unjustified windfall,” reads the motion.

The World of Warcraft and Hearthstone developer pointed out that Bossland is responsible for causing millions of dollars in lost sales and ruining games for many legitimate players.

Bossland is famous for its botting services. These bots are let loose in games to farm experience, levels, items, and other benefits. For example, bots in Hearthstones will continue to play games to earn gold and level up characters. The actual human player can then return in a day or two to reap the rewards.

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