Uncharted The Lost legacy Antagonist Revealed

Uncharted fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Uncharted The Lost Legacy and now some new details about the game have emerged regarding the game’s antagonist, Asav.

These new details come from the latest issue of Game Informer. According to the devs, Asav is “a barrel-chested insurgent rebel leader who formerly worked for the government”. Asav is unearthing the treasures, murals, and artifacts that are culturally significant to the region and he has his reasons for doing it.

According to Creative Director Shaun Escayg, Asav has a history with the government and “feels left out in solving the conflicts the government solved at one point and he’s now a lone rebel trying to create war and profit from it”. Additionally, Asav and Nadine know each other and she has worked for him in the past.

Also, Naughty Dog has said that an Uncharted game is highly unlikely after Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Studio co-president Evan Wells said that another Uncharted game from Naughty Dog is very unlikely after Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as the studio has a lot of stuff going on for it.

He further explained that the studio really loves the Uncharted series but ” but the studio has limited resources and lots of other ideas”.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is scheduled to launch later this year exclusively for PlayStation 4.