Take a Look at Mass Effect Andromeda Character Creation

Mass Effect Andromeda character creation feature video was just YouTube Channel Skillup. The video features in-depth took at the game’s character creation mode.

Mass Effect Andromeda character creation isn’t forced and the player is free to go ahead and play with the default character. However, it is more fun creating your own likeness in the game.

The player is able to customize his/her character’s appearance, name, Twin (lead characters are twins), and the character’s history.

This is probably the most detailed customization options we ever had in a Mass Effect game. There are no spoilers in the video so there are no worries.

Mass Effect Andromeda is releasing on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is exclusive to EA Origin for PC if you are looking to pick up the game on PC.

Moreover, the game is now available to preload on PlayStation 4 (North America) and Xbox One (Worldwide). The download size is 42.9GB on Sony’s machine while the story is a little different for Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Xbox One needs to spare 42.19GB for Mass Effect Andromeda and the preload is live across the globe. Mass Effect Andromeda preload on PC is still nowhere to be found at the time of this writing.

Preload on PC is yet to start but it shouldn’t be long before the game is available.

On a related subject, Mass Effect Andromeda will also support PS4 Pro. We have a graphics comparison for you between PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and PC.

Excited for Mass Effect Andromeda?