Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Coming Tomorrow, Here’s Some of the Changes

Ubisoft has announced today that the Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Update will launch tomorrow on consoles and PC.

One of the most important changes made by the update regards the Glaz’s scope, that will receive thermal visual feedback. Also, character Twitch will receive an Elite bundle with elite skins and other interesting stuff.

If you are interested, you can look at the full changes made by Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Update here.

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The community of Rainbow Six Siege has been growing a lot during the last two years, even if the game wasn’t so good after launch. Now, there are a lot of people online everyday (contrary to what happened in the past) and the game is about to enter the eSports world.

However, Rainbow Six Siege has still a lot of issues to be solved, as stated by player Matthew “MeepeY” Sharples.

There’s so much to do with this game in terms of players leaving their own teams in search of bigger and better. It’s not all about the teams disbanding either, the whole picture is MUCH, MUCH bigger.

According to him, people are not encouraged to make a career out of playing professional Rainbow Six Siege, since there’s no money to be made. Because of that, strong players leave their team, searching for better ones.

Moreover, there’s no communication between Ubisoft and ESL. Final dates of important qualifiers are revealed just some days before, this makes very hard for them to get ready in time.

Finally, the game has still a lot of bugs, some of which actually happened during important competitions.

Do you agree with Matthew “MeepeY” Sharples?

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Rainbow Six Siege is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.