League of Legends Patch Will Remove Graves’ MR Passive, Nerf Quinn’s R

Two formidable marksmen are being cut down in an upcoming League of Legends patch, dialing back on their burst damage to level the playing field.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler explained why Graves and Quinn need to be adjusted.

Graves has been dominating the jungle for months now, and is also considered a staple pick in the professional League of Legends scene. According to the developer, the Outlaw has become “too general a pick”. His burst damage numbers are higher than most other champions in the jungle, and those who do deal damage on a similar level are too fragile in comparison.

E (Quickdraw) offers bonus resistances by stacking True Grit. Riot Games is removing the Magic Resist (MR) from the passive to make Graves more susceptible to counter-play. The changes won’t hurt the overall damage of the champion but will allow foes to stop treating him with respect. As far as the professional scene is concerned, Graves will become much less of a versatile pick, especially against an enemy team with heavy magic damage dealing champions.

Riot Games is considering other options for Graves as well but is not ready to talk about them yet. The tweaks to Graves’ kit are scheduled to arrive with Patch 7.7 next month.

Quinn may not be that popular in the League Championship Series (LCS) but she is still an overwhelming marksmen to deal with in casual/ranked play. Quinn was already a pocket pick for many to climb the ranked ladders, but the recent buffs to Lethality gave her a major boost in terms of viability.

“Quinn’s assassination pattern’s pretty non-interactive for how repeatable it is,” noted the developer. “Given her ult’s low CD she’s not windowed in the same way other champs with similar kill potential and target access tend to be.”

The goal of her update is to shift her towards more sustained damage by reducing the Attack Damage (AD) ratio and increasing the attack speed on R (Skystrike). Riot Games may also reduce the flat damage on her other abilities as well.

There is no word on when she will receive the changes, but it could be alongside Graves.