League of Legends PBE Nerfs for Shen Have Been Reverted

Riot Games has decided to revert proposed changes for Shen after listening to negative feedback from the League of Legends community.

Ki Barrier (Passive) grants Shen a shield that absorbs damage for a couple of seconds. The cooldown on the passive can be reduced significantly by successfully hitting allies and enemies with his abilities.

Currently, on the live servers, the cooldown can be reduced from 4-7.5 seconds based on the champion’s level. However, a recent Public Beta Environment (PBE) update changed the duration to a flat 5 seconds.

The proposed change was surprising for the League of Legends community because it arrived just a day after lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler noted how the development team is considering to sap some power out of Shen’s ultimate ability. The goal was to reduce the impact of his global presence through R (Stand United) but the PBE changes were related to the champion’s presence in-lane.

After careful consideration, associate game designer Riot Wav3Break confirmed earlier today that the nerfs are being pulled for the upcoming patch 7.6.

“It’s apparent that larger scope changes are required to address the pain points you guys have brought up,” he said while addressing to a lengthy feedback thread. “Future large-scope work on Shen will most likely be in the direction of re-shaping his holistic kit to lessen the discrepancy of performance between live ranked and pro play.”

He added that Shadow Dash (E) might possibly be changed in the future in terms of its width and range. In addition, any select changes that might be introduced before a larger set of changes can be released for Shen will “manifest the strengths and weaknesses we intended for him”.