Battlefield 1 Ultimate Revision Battlepacks May Freeze Your Screen

Ultimate Revision Battlepacks arrived for Battlefield 1 last week, bringing a new way for players to earn cosmetic upgrades for their weapons and vehicles.

Following several reports from the community, it has been confirmed that Ultimate Revision Battlepacks induce great lag when opened.

While it is relatively simple and quick to break the other crates for loot, the new Battlepacks cause the screen to freeze momentarily. In the worst case scenario, opening an Ultimate Revision Battlepack may even freeze your screen permanently, forcing a complete restart of Battlefield 1.

Initially, the issue was palmed off as a bug. However, yesterday’s Update 1.07 skipped out on addressing the problem. It is now being verified that the reason Battlefield 1 starts stuttering is because a single Ultimate Revision Battlepack holds around 300 different skins. While the player gets to randomly keep one from the lot, the game finds it a burden to load all the skins in the same window.

It seems to be an issue with the user-interface and is not isolated to a single platform. DICE has probably been updated on the problem and we should be hearing from the developer soon. In the mean time, players are advised to refrain from opening their crates unless they are content with a frustrating waiting period to let the game catch up.

Staring at a lagging screen to open a single crate is reasonable. However, what if there are multiple crates piling up? One user exclaimed how he holds over a hundred Ultimate Revision Battlepacks and how the constant freezing is making his experience annoying.

Update 1.07 went live yesterday and marked the launch of They Shall Not Pass, the first expansion pack for Battlefield 1. While access is only granted to Premium Pass owners for the time being, all are required to update their games nonetheless.

The update weighs 7.3 GB on PlayStation 4, 8.35 GB on Xbox One, and 5.88 GB on PC. You can go through the entire patch notes here.