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Destiny Player Uses Vault of Glass Glitch To Reach End of the Raid

A Destiny player out on patrol was able to exploit a Vault of Glass glitch in order to get to the very end of the raid without any other help from players.

Normally Vault of Glass requires at least three players to even get through the front door of the zone.

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Even getting inside the Vault of Glass on patrol was thought to be impossible, but the Guardian in question, who goes by the name of Djxyz0, was able to do it.

Not only that, but he was also able to pass by a large number of other instant-death barriers and zone walls and even get into the Past and Future versions of the raid’s final room.

It’s not just thought of as impossible due to the way players normally have to enter, but also because the Patrol version isn’t even the real Vault of Glass.

The game has a Vault of Glass in Venus’s Patrol Mode, but players ordinarily aren’t able to access the raid unless they go to the specific location from their ship in orbit.

Vault of Glass centers around a group of Guardians heading into the mysterious Vex stronghold known as the Vault of Glass, in order to destroy the time-bending Vex construct Atheon.

During Atheon’s boss fight, teams will be transported to either a past or a future version of Mars and Venus, though these are unreachable unless you pass through special gates in the room.

Djxyz0 chronicled his odd journey in a fifteen-minute video where he makes his way through the Vault, and we get to see him committing every Vault of Glass glitch that he used to get from the Vault’s door to the Throne Room and the other two areas in time.

To watch Djxyz0’s video for yourself, you can watch it further up in the article.