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What is New in Shadow of War Reworked Nemesis System

Warner Bros has revealed its upcoming sequel to Middle-Earth Shadow Of Mordor, Shadow Of War, and it looks incredible. Shadow Of War seems to expand on the highly praised Nemesis System introduced in Shadow Of Mordor with new features and more.

Shadow Of War will pick up after the events of Shadow Of Mordor, and this time Talion has a “Ring Of Power” of his own which gives him power over Orcs to manipulate them and recruit them to his very own army of Orcs.

Given that Shadow Of Mordor was also developed for legacy consoles, Monolith Productions could not fulfill their vision for it in the first game. However, Shadow Of War is a true current gen game and the studio is taking full advantage of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which means more features and depth will be featured in the Nemesis System.

Nemesis System will not only come back in Shadow Of War but Monolith Productions has reworked it to add tons of new features to compliment the vast open-world which will consist of multiple territories and each territory will have its own unique fortress that Talion will have to conquer.

However, conquering these fortresses will not be a piece of cake as it will be heavily defended and will have a unique overlord with its own strengths and weaknesses, and judging from the gameplay this is where the reworked Nemesis System shows its true potential.

In Shadow Of War Talion with the help of Calebrimbor will not fight small battles, but with the reworked Nemesis System, Talion will lead an army to defeat the dark lord.

Thanks to this reworked Nemesis System each Orc will have its unique enemies, terrain, and allies. Even the overlords will be unique and their forts will be designed to accommodate their taste, which means players will have to adapt while taking on each overlord in Shadow Of War.

In Shadow Of Mordor, each enemy had its own unique strengths and weaknesses and while it will return for Shadow Of War but this time around our allies will have unique personalities abilities and weaknesses. As showcased in the recent gameplay walkthrough, one of our allies was a living battering ram that destroys everything in its path.

In Shadow Of War Talion will not fight all by himself but our ally orcs will actively participate in battles and their unique abilities will help Talion in order to take out the overlord. This adds another layer of strategy to the overall game along with more depth and here is the interesting part, it still remains fun to play.

Players will have to carefully pick and choose their allies which they want to keep them by their side in the battle. Make a right choice and the unique abilities of these orcs will come in handy, as shown in the gameplay walkthrough that Talion was saved more than once by his ally orcs.

Not only the Overlords will have unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses but also they can have a personal grudge against Talion which is again is possible thanks to the reworked Nemesis System in Shadow Of War. The allies are also bound by strength and weakness rule and may not stay loyal forever.

The reworked Nemesis System adds betrayal to the overall action and it all depends on Talion’s treatment of other orcs. In the gameplay reveal for Shadow Of War, Talion comes up against Thrak Storm-Bringer who had a history with Talion and had betrayed him in favor of working with the Dark Lord.

Not only his betrayal to Talion earned him a place in Sauron’s army but was imbued with the dark power which protects him from the influence of the new Ring Of Power.

The Nemesis System will not only calculate the bond between Talion and his orc army but will also feature jealousy, betrayal, and friendship among the orc army itself.

Players will have to carefully promote Orcs to higher ranks as promoting one might cause other orcs to betray Talion and find solace with dark Lord Sauron and get imbued with Dark power so that he remains immune from the new ring of power.

In Shadow Of War’s reworked Nemesis System, players will not only experience betrayal and revenge but will also experience loyalty and friendship with other ally Orcs. This also depends on Talion’s treatment towards these orcs which can forge powerful bonds and unique encounter.

We are sure that Monolith Productions has more surprises for us in the Nemesis System and will be revealed when the time is right.

Shadow Of War is an open-world action adventure game in development at Monolith Productions and is scheduled to launch on August 22, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.