Playstation Now PS4 Games Will Now Be Coming To The PC

If you’re one of those people that has a PC and has been making use of the Playstation Now service for the platform, you’re in luck. On Playstation Now PS4 games will now be available on the PC for you to play, much like Xbox’s Play Anywhere program.

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The announcement only comes around a week after Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Pass service, a similar service to Playstation Now that allows Xbox games to be played for a monthly subscription fee of 10 dollars. With the Playstation Now PS4 games coming on PC, gamers will now be able to play games like Uncharted 4 and The Last Of Us Remastered on their PCs.

While there’s no telling if the PC setups will be able to make the already amazing-looking games look better, it can help Playstation to branch out to a market mainly dominated by Microsoft due to its windows computers.

Sony will be holding a private beta test in a few weeks to test out the service for themselves, but it seems like they’re intending to go up against Microsoft with it. With Microsoft’s Play Anywhere service allowing players to seamlessly bring their games with them between the Xbox One and their PCs, the possibility of a similar thing coming with Playstation Now PS4 games on the PC is a tempting target.

Sony said several months ago that they would be dropping Playstation Now on other Playstation platforms like the Vita, the PSP, and the Playstation 3 in order to create a better user experience. Now, it seems like this expansion of the Playstation Now catalogue is a part of that experience.

Whether the Xbox Game Pass system will be able to get a good leg up over Playstation Now on PC (though the Game Pass won’t be available on PC) remains to be seen, but Sony may still have a fight on its hands.