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Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti Founders Edition Works Perfectly With Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition And Titan X GPUs

If you just got your GTX 1080 Ti and were wondering how you were going to water cool that monster then you will be glad to know that Phanteks has you covered with the Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti Founders Edition.

Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti Founders Edition is a premium full cover water block for your premium GPU and I have to say that this looks very pretty. It is so good looking that I would be glad to have an inverted motherboard in order to show off the flowing liquid.

Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti

The Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti Founders Edition not only works with the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti but with the Titan X as well. RGB is all the craze these days and you will be delighted to know that this water block has RGB functionality as well. This means that you can color coordinate with your LEDs and RGB motherboard as well.

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The water block provides cooling to your GPU and ensures lower temperatures and stability when overclocking. If you were in the market for a water cooling solution for your GTX 1080 Ti or Titan X then this could be something worth looking into.

Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti

There are two color options for the water block, Mirrored Chrome and Satin Black. If you thought that these will be cheap then you were very wrong, these water blocks will set you back €149,90 / £129.99. Looking at the price it is safe to say that this is not something for everyone but then again water cooling is for enthusiasts.

If you are interested in water cooling your GPU then this is a great option to consider. Not only will it cool your GPU and maintain a reliable overclock, it will also add to the aesthetic of your build.

Let us know what you think about the Phanteks Glacier G1080 Ti Founders Edition and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these.