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Reports Hint That Nvidia Volta Could Be Manufactured In 12nm Process

New reports claim that TSMC has got a new order for High-Performance-Computing chips from Both Nvidia and Qualcomm. Nvidia has been working in the self-driving cars field and the company also has other projects concerning deep learning. So could this new order be for Nvidia Volta?

The report mentions that the chips are for artificial-intelligence applications which means that this could be an order for either Nvidia Volta GV100 or Xavier SoC, it could even be both of these. At GTC Europe 2016 Nvidia announced the Xavier SoC and the following features were announced:

  • 7 billion transistors
  • Eight-core custom ARM64 CPU
  • 512-core Volta chip
  • 16nm FinFET process

Although it was announced that the chip would be made using the 16nm FinFET process, looking at this report it is possible that it could be made using the 12nm process instead. Looking at how TSMC is the leader when it comes to foundries, it is possible.

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Nvidia Volta GV100 and Xavier SoC could be used in order to power self-driving cars of the future as well as other deep learning applications.

Nvidia and Qualcomm’s partnership with TSMC is a very old one and we will let you know more regarding how this story progresses.

Nvidia Volta

TSMC will also be providing Qualcomm’s Centriq 2400 processor which will feature 48-core ARM architecture. This mobile CPU will be based on the 10nm process. Nvidia recently introduced the Tegra X2 processor which features 4 A57 cores as well as 2 Dever cores as well. It also has a Pascal GPU with 256 CUDA cores. The CPU is based on the 16nm process.

It will be interesting to see what the future hold for us when it comes to GPU. AMD will be releasing AMD Vega GPUs later this year and Nvidia Volta will be coming out sometime in the near future and we will see how it will be used and how well it performs.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia Volta and whether or not it will be made using the 12nm process instead of 16nm.