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Report: Nintendo Switch Sold 1.5 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo Switch has been quite successful for Nintendo as the company has already revealed that it is the best selling console for the company in the US. Now a report has emerged that suggests that Nintendo Switch has sold 1.5 million units worldwide.

According to the report from SuperData(via Reddit), Nintendo has sold 1.5 million units of Nintendo Switch worldwide. Using the data from Famitsu and GfK, SuperData says that in the US 500,000 units of Switch were sold, 360,000 in Japan and Europe is not far behind.

The report further states that 85,000 units were sold in the UK while 110,000 units of Nintendo Switch were sold in France.

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The report further suggests that 89% of Switch owners have bought Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which amounts to 1.34 million in sales and this does not include sales for Wii U version.

It seems that Nintendo is on track to sell 2 million units by the end of this month. However, the console has not launched without problems of its own.

According to a report, there is a software bug in Nintendo Switch that causes the GPU resources to be drained. The issue was spotted while running a tech test for Shin’en Multimedia’s Fast RMX, there is a bug in the firmware.

Also, Switch has reportedly been hacked using a browser exploit. A hacker known by the name of qwertyoruiop has claimed to have hacked the hybrid console.

The hacker posted an image of Nintendo Switch with qwertyoruiop’s name on it and with the word “Done”. The hack was reportedly done through a browser exploit but the hacker did not reveal it.

Nintendo Switch is available worldwide and is priced at $299.99 in the US.