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It Might Be While Before Nintendo Switch Dock Comes Back In Stock At Retail

Nintendo Switch launched earlier this month and the console has been selling more than what Nintendo was expecting. However, due to the high demand the console and its accessories have gone out stock including the Nintendo Switch dock and it will be a while before it comes back into stock.

According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo Switch docks will be available shortly in the US but it will be awhile before it appears elsewhere in the world.

At Nintendo of America, we were the initial market that was pushing for the idea of a second dock. The production quantity is just not ramping up as quickly as we hoped it would. So it’s a pure availability situation,” explained Fils-Aime. “More will be available shortly. But certainly we understand the desire, and it’s something we pushed hard for from a production standpoint.

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He added that by the time Nintendo Switch dock appears in Europe there is a chance that third party solution will be available. However, he said that as a company Nintendo wants it users to use first party accessories.

As a company, as a philosophy, we would rather have consumers use our first-party solutions. In part because, what happens if the system falls off of where it’s being secured, and all of a sudden we have a consumer with a potentially damaged unit. So we want consumers to use our solution, and that’s a docking solution with the cable connected to the TV.

However, cheap third party Nintendo Switch docks are unlikely to happen as Nintendo has already patented its technology.

Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide and is available for $299.99 in the US.

Source: Time