Upcoming Lucio Changes Will Be “Must Have” for Overwatch Compositions

Blizzard is currently tinkering with possible improvements for Lucio that will make his kit a “must have” in almost every Overwatch team composition.

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the changes are designed to make Lucio more popular. On that note, the significant changes will make him more engaging to play but not make the hero overly powerful in Overwatch.

Without mentioning what kind of improvements we might see, the director clarified that Blizzard is still “trying some stuff” with Lucio but there is hope that the changes make it to the Public Test Region (PTR) in the coming days.

On the question of what forces a hero to be a “must pick” in a competitive environment, Kaplan clarified that it is a “tricky thing” and doesn’t always relate to actual behavior.

“I sometimes look at the hero pick stats and they clearly don’t match the “hero meta report” stats,” he said. “Then players tell me to throw out my stats and look at only diamond and higher in competitive play only.”

He added that the general community does not realize that the high-tier players make up for a very small percentage of the total player-base of Overwatch. Making adjustments to the game based on a few players is not suitable in most cases. “Player reaction is often to sledgehammer everything,” he concluded.

Elsewhere in the insightful AMA, Kaplan revealed that Tracer was originally armed with lasers that she could shoot from her eyes. In addition, Bastion at one point was able to shoot through walls, use remote mines, fling grenades, and bring down artillery barrages on a wide area.

Blizzard is also not interested in rushing to add new heroes to Overwatch on a regular basis. The developer wants to spend time to give all heroes the “love and attention” they deserve, “from balance, to story, to skins and art.” Overwatch will eventually receive new heroes but Blizzard is not going to burden the game with a horde of characters like we see with other popular titles.