High Nintendo Switch Game Prices Likely Because of Cartridges

If you’re one of the many people that have bought a Nintendo Switch, but are confused at the Nintendo Switch game prices, Nintendo probably isn’t to blame. Instead, according to a Eurogamer observation, it may be the method the games are delivered, through their cartridges, instead of being discs.

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For the last few console generations, video games have moved away from cartridges and instead have migrated to disks. While the Nintendo Switch has switched (har har) back, this may have had a negative effect on the console’s game prices. Apparently, the cartridges for the Nintendo Switch cost more to make than a simple disk, and so Nintendo Switch game prices would go up in order to help recoup the cost of development.

Considering the Nintendo Switch’s increased emphasis on third-party games, the increased cost of making a cartridge for the game itself might be prohibitive when it comes to developing; many indie games already spend a lot of money on making the game itself. If they have to pay more money than normal to make cartridges, they may stick to PC games or consoles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

However, some third-party developers have already decided to get around high Nintendo Switch game prices by doing digital-only releases. Considering that this would likely be cheaper than arranging for Nintendo Switch cartridges to be made, Nintendo may be getting a lot of digital content on the Switch.

Indie games going digital would help the Nintendo Switch game prices issue; if no cartridges have to be made then the game won’t be as expensive. Indie games are also normally less expensive than full Triple-A games, so they wouldn’t be very expensive either.

A lot of Nintendo fans will probably be happy whatever ways the Nintendo Switch game prices can go down, but for now Nintendo may sell more digital than physical copies.