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Daigo Forced to Abandon Ryu for Street Fighter V Season 2

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, the most storied player in the fighting game community, is reportedly dropping his signature character in Street Fighter V.

Several professional players present at Final Round 20, the first premier event to kickoff Capcom Pro Tour 2017, talked to Daigo over the weekend about his thoughts on Ryu. According to Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez and Miky “XSK Samurai” Chea‏, the veteran fighter has finally decided to abandon the character for Guile.

The Beast is synonymous for sticking with Ryu, despite changes or conditions. Previously, he explained how he is never in favor of simply picking up a top-tier character for competitions. Doing so would be too easy for his nature and he wants to put in time and effort to learn characters that result in enjoyment.

Daigo “giving up” on Ryu and picking Guile, one of the best characters currently in Street Fighter V, goes against the player’s beliefs. However, the recent batch of nerfs brought out by Capcom have tremendously hurt the wandering warrior.

While the fighting game community moved on to other characters, Daigo remained loyal to his signature pick, a decision that has so far proved dire. Last month, he was completely dominated in the sixth annual iteration of the Topanga League, failing to secure even a single win. At Final Round 20, he managed to finish at an unsatisfactory 33rd place.

After several months of trying to adjust to the new Ryu, Daigo has seemingly had enough. He’s already putting work in perfecting his Sonic Booms. It will be interesting to see how the character switch works out for the player in upcoming tournaments and over the course of Capcom Pro Tour.

While Ryu has been an iconic pick for Daigo, Guile is not a stranger for the Beast, having been a common pick for him at one time.