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Bungie Teases New Age of Triumph Activities: Daybreak Strikes, New POE

With Bungie’s Age of Triumph coming up to give a great big send-off to Destiny’s first entry, the developers have also said they’ll be putting in new Age of Triumph activities, along with re-doing the older raids and re-vamping the Prison of Elders group activity along with them.

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Daybreak Strikes are going to be similar to the Nightfall Strikes, and will thus be part of the weekly ritual activities that are refreshed every Tuesday. So far Bungie hasn’t really revealed anything beyond bare-bones information, but Daybreak Strikes will likely be an important part of the Age of Triumph.

Bungie has said, for instance, that the Daybreak Strikes will have more “mayhem” in them. This is possibly a reference to the rare but popular Mayhem Crucible mode. In that mode, players have their Supers, Grenades, and Melee powers given enormous boosts in energy gain, meaning that Daybreak Strikes may be more akin to a light show than anything.

The Prison of Elders is also getting a revamp, after being somewhat irrelevant after the House of Wolves DLC was removed. While it did get a small amount of relevance once again when Rise of Iron was released, the Prison will be further revamped and added to the weekly rituals. However, these two are likely only the beginning of the Age of Triumph activities we’ll be getting.

Hopefully Destiny’s final few months will be a great ending to one of the main shooters on consoles right now. With Destiny 2 slated to come out this November, hopefully Bungie has learned a few lessons from the first game and made it an amazing game from the start.

Destiny fans can look forward to learning bout Age of Triumph activities on March 15 at 10 AM Pacific time on Bungie’s official Twitch channel. In the meantime, players should look forward to all sorts of activities that they’ll be able to do when the new update comes out on March 28.