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Blizzard Wants to Prevent Overwatch Players from Suiciding in Mystery Heroes

Blizzard is well-aware of how there are still many lingering aspects of Overwatch that are in need of significant improvements. However, the developer must adhere to a priority listing when it comes to managing its workforce.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan agreed that the Mystery Heroes arcade mode can definitely be shown some love. He followed by quickly clarifying that the mode is “not our highest priority issue” but Blizzard is still open to suggestions and feedback from the community.

“We have some clean up that we want to do to the mode eventually,” he explained. “Obviously, we want to remove the “assemble your heroes” moment — we were restricted by old tech on this but now have the ability to fix this.”

The developer is also interested in removing “self-inflicted eliminations” to prevent players from changing their heroes at will. On the subject of ultimate abilities, “part of what feels so impactful about the mode is that an elimination is very meaningful and an ultimate is more of a special occasion, but it definitely feels off to us when you roll the same hero twice and lose that ultimate charge.”

In Mystery Heroes, players are restricted from selecting their own heroes. They do begin with their heroes of choice but are assigned random heroes throughout the game upon death. It is a great way of familiarizing with characters that you would not normally pick. However, players tend to suicide a lot to re-roll heroes, which basically destroys the concept of the mode.

On the other hand, players argue that sometimes suicides are necessary for the greater benefit of the team. Random heroes mean random compositions, and if the opponents have a stronger draw, it makes sense to re-roll picks to gain an advantage.

Blizzard appears to be still tinkering with what changes to bring to Mystery Heroes. According to Kaplan, the “fixes” shouldn’t be too far off. Hopefully, we’ll see the Public Test Region (PTR) updated with the changes soon.

“Hopefully, the fixes are not too far off,” said Kaplan. And hopefully we’ll see the updates on the Overwatch PTR soon.