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10 Things Shadow of War Will Include from Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is hitting shelves in August and will continue the story of Shadow of Mordor. Talion is back to take on whoever stands in his way. We also have a new Ring of Power and the story will connect with Lords of the Rings.

There isn’t much we know about the game yet but we realize that there are several returning features. Shadow of War is a more refined version of Shadow of Mordor. The biggest improvement comes to the nemesis system that has been discussed in detail already.

Here are 10 things coming back from Shadow of Mordor.

10 – The Nemesis System

Still as unique as it was in 2014, the Nemesis system comes back for Shadow of War. The system was the stand out feature in Shadow of Mordor and same is the case with Shadow of War. The new system now applies to the Fortress, Orc buddies, and former buddies.

The Nemesis system was a highlight of the previous game and a more refined version of it is going to be amazing.

9 – Talion is Back

The game will continue the story of Shadow of Mordor with the lead character once again being Talion. He and his family were killed by Sauron’s armies but Talion was resurrected a ghostly figure. He now has a new Ring of Power that will help him take on Sauron.

Talion is still seeking Vengeance.

8 – Intense Love and Hate Relationships

Those who played Shadow of Mordor probably have at least one nemesis that stuck with them till the end. Players developed emotional attachments with these characters so for Shadow of War, developers are not only bringing such love-hate relationships back but taking it one step further. Your encounters with your nemesis are going to be more memorable.

7- Open-Ended Approach

Shadow of Mordor featured a massive open world that allowed you to have the freedom to take on enemies in whatever way you like. The freedom and open-ended approach are returning for Shadow of War. In fact, developers are adding regions to the game and allowing players to tackle them in whatever order they wish to.

6 – Combat System

The original Batman-Esque combat system is returning for the sequel as well. However, this is another feature that is given depth to accommodate more elements. Talion and the Wraith are now even more powerful, Talion is able to unleash the Wraith on his enemies.

5 – Stealth

Talion and Wraith combined make up one fierce warrior that can take down the armies of Sauron. But there are times when Talion needs to silently take down his enemies. Watchers and archers often cause a problem and it better to take them down quietly. That’s why the stealth mechanics are making a comeback as well.

4 – Side Missions

The main game and story are always fun but often you need to take a break and explore what else the open world has to offer. Side missions are returning for Shadow of War are going to be more meaningful this time around. Each region in the game will have its own set of side missions.

3- Climbing Mechanics

The first game features an Assassin’s Creed-Esque climbing mechanics. It worked and was very well implemented by the developers. In the gameplay reveal video we got confirmation that the same mechanics are coming back.

2 – Decapitation

Those satisfying decapitations are back for Shadow of War. They were a hit in the first game so developers had to bring them back for the second installment. Players will be able to brutally chop off their enemies heads and other body parts.

1 – Cinematic Story Telling

With the first game developers blended cinematics and gameplay together and created a very intersting experience. The same approach is taken for the second game as well.