Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ha Dahamar Shrine Guide – How To Cross the Spikes Wall And Pick Up Spirit Orb

Shrines in Breath of the Wild are filled with various dangers and challenging puzzles but completing them can be really beneficial for players as they handsomely reward for all the hard work.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Ha Dahamar shrine guide will help players in completing this shrine and successfully solving the puzzle that awaits within to collect their spirit orb. Ha Dahamar shrine is different from others since access to it isn’t easy and straight forward.

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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Ha Dahamar Shrine

Since the access to the shrine is actually blocked by spikes, players need to find an alternate route before they can actually enter Ha Dahamar shrine. For that purpose, they need to climb the cliff to the west and then use their paraglider to glide over the spikes and land on the other side so they can enter the shrine.

Once players are in the Ha Dahamar shrine, they will need to use their Cryonis ability quite a lot so should get it ready. Initially, players need to move along the right side of the shrine and follow the walkway until they get to the shallow pool. Cryonis is useful here as players can create an ice block to let them cross.

After the pool, players will come up on a waterfall with water streaming down a wall to the right. Creating an ice block on the wall will let players climb up to it. Once players have reached the upper platform, they need to turn around and jump up to another platform with a treasure chest on it. Two ice blocks should be enough here to let them climb up.

When players have finally looted the treasure chest, they can turn around and climb up the wide stairs. To their right will be the shrine puzzle. To solve this puzzle, they need to create three ice blocks to control the ball rolling around.

One of these ice blocks must be used to stop the ball and drop it onto the seesaw, one block to prevent the seesaw from moving and the final ice block will help propel the ball into the bowl on the other side. Once the ball passes into the bowl, a door will open to lead the players to the spirit orb.

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