Trouble Ensues as Vici CEO Insults Three-Time League of Legends Champion Bengi

A team owner should never ridicule one of his own players in the public, especially when the player is a three-time League of Legends champion.

Lu “HunTeR” Wenjun, CEO of Vici Gaming, stirred trouble over the weekend when he compared Bae “Bengi” Seong-ung to the team’s previous jungler, Choi “DanDy” Inkyu.

Posting on Weibo, the owner commented on his team’s poor performance by explaining how the players were more suited to the play-style of Dandy in the jungle, and are finding it difficult to connect with Bengi.

The statement seems pretty harmless enough except for the choice of words that Hunter went with when responding to the question of why Dandy was let go in the first place.

According to one translation provided by Yahoo! Esports: “We discussed it for two months, but couldn’t agree on a price for Dandy,” he said. “You get what you paid for.”

Another translation from InvenGlobal reads: “A penny will only get something that’s worth a penny.”

The League of Legends community wasn’t too thrilled to see the team owner make so little of Bengi, who has proved his worth in the professional scene countless times. Many pointed out the demeaning remark while others voiced how Hunter was trying to make a scapegoat out of the League of Legends champion.

Following a wave of protest, Hunter returned to post an apology but deleted it within the hour.

Recently, the team’s performance has been very poor, and it really made my mentality decline. Yesterday I made a comment that made Bengi’s and Vici Gaming’s fans very angry. Here I will apologize. This comment made fans and even Bengi feel hurt, so I alone take responsibility and will try to explain.

With the apology over, I will speak more concretely on the situation. Bengi has tried really hard to fit into the team, but the result has yet to be achieved. During the process, there have also been a lot of problems that aren’t easy to resolve, which makes us feel disappointed. Last year, Easyhoon and DanDy had very strong results together right away, ensuring that we could make playoffs both splits. So of course the team will feel disappointed by comparison. Bengi also has a hard time expressing his ideas and thoughts to his Chinese teammates in game. As a result, Easyhoon will bear a larger burden of communication.

Despite boasting an incredible League of Legends roster which includes Cho “Mata” Sehyeong and Lee “Easyhoon” Jihoon as well, Vici Gaming has been performing poorly for the past couple of seasons.

It placed fourth out of six during the Regular Season of the 2016 Summer Split, and managed to finish 5-6th in the playoffs. Dandy parted ways with the team soon after and Bengi took his place.

However, even Bengi’s inclusion didn’t help matters. Vici Gaming currently sits in last place in Group B, winning just two series out of eight. Starved for victory, Easyhoon swapped to support in his last match but Vici Gaming still lost.