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Duel Mode for Quake Champions Being Designed for Esports

Quake Champions promises to bring back the intense fast-paced competitive action of the decades-old franchise by catering to the esports community.

Hosting a panel at PAX East, creative director Tim Willits noted that the latest iteration does deviate slightly from what fans have come to familiarize with over the years. However, Quake Champions will still stay true to the competitive formula by featuring a Duel Mode.

“There is a hole with one-versus-one, it’s missing from first-person eSports,” he said. “The title fights are great for Quake so our Duel mode is going to be uniquely Quake, but will still incorporate the champions.”

According to the director, the studio is in close communication with several professional players from the esports community. Crucial feedback is being taking into account throughout the development of the mode and game.

“We have Duels [working in-game] but we need to get more pro players to play it, just to make sure they like it,” he explained. “We’ve been listening to [the pros] too, at Quakecon last year the pro players came in, they played our team mode and they were like ‘yeah you gotta change this,’ we said okay, we started changing it.”

He also revealed that id Software was present at IEM Katowice. Professional players were assembled into a small room at the back which was closed off to the public and press. Quake Champions was tested here and the suggestions from the players noted.

The developer hopes that Quake Champions will usher a new wave of competition, similar to how it was critical in popularizing competitive gaming back in the late 90s.

Quake Champions will be free-to-play but also include a payment module. Players can continue to fill the shoes of a single character for free or purchase the Champion Pack to get access to the entire roster and more.

Except for the characters, content will not be limited between the two versions. Both will feature the same maps and compete in the same brackets. The only difference will be in terms of available characters, which in a way is a page from how Microsoft dealt with the launch of Killer Instinct.

Closed beta signups have opened for Quake Champions. If you are interested, you can register here.