Performance Issues Strike League of Legends After Latest Patch

Several players from the League of Legends community are reportedly experiencing sluggish frame-rates after updating to the latest patch.

Patch 7.5 was released only last week and may have compromised the optimal League of Legends experience for some. According to a thread on Reddit, players who previously boasted over 200 frames-per-second are now left with less than 20 frames-per-second following the patch update.

The frustrating drop in frames specifically happens during team fights and remains so until the screen has been removed of all players. The same is the case if there are too many minions present in one place. The technical problem was affirmed by several, confirming that the frame-rate can drop to as low as 15 in most cases.

It should be noted that the problem has less to do with the system specifications of the affected players. The same batch was comfortably enjoying League of Legends prior to the patch with more than enough frame-rates. Hence, it is being assumed that Patch 7.5 changed something it shouldn’t have.

This is not the first time that a patch has been released for League of Legends which brought about in-game frame-rate problems. Several have been released in the past and were amended by Riot Games soon after.

The issue has been noted by lead writer Riot Cactopus, who promised that he would pass it along to the concerned department. We should hear from the developer soon.

League of Legends Patch 7.5 brought many changes, the most important one of which was the mini-update for Aatrox. The Darkin Blade fell off the Rift a long time back, becoming a rare pick in amateur games and an impossibility in professional circuits. With the developer’s promise that Aatrox will be improved with due time, the recent batch of changes were supposed to make his kit better. However, as far as the players are concerned, Riot Games only made the champion worse. Following feedback, the developer released a mid-patch update to improve the champion’s numbers.