Use This Overwatch Glitch to Make Mercy Extend Her Wings

As with every game, Overwatch too has its fair share of glitches and bugs. While most prove to be annoying and game-breaking, this latest one is something that the community is requesting Blizzard to keep.

Following the recent updates, Mercy can make her wings appear much larger than before, imbued with a beautiful green effect that makes it seem almost legitimate.

The glitch can only be triggered when Mercy is in the air. After jumping, hold space and then quickly let go to use her “hello” emote with the communication wheel before holding space again.

The result is the following and guaranteed to happen every time.

Blizzard is yet to comment on the glitch but many in the community are speculating that the change was intended. Those who think otherwise are requesting the developer to refrain from patching the glitch out with the next update.

Mercy’s wings hold great iconic value in not only Overwatch but also other games under the Blizzard banner. The same wings were added to Diablo III as a vanity item for purchasing the game.

Before the weekend, Blizzard released a new digital comic short called Binary for Overwatch which tells the cute tale of how Bastion and Torbjörn came to meet for the first time.

The comic strip is the first of the year, with the last releasing during the holiday season when Blizzard released a short to celebrate the festive occasion. There is a lot of story-related content planned out for the game in the coming months. This includes the continuation of Orisa’s story, which will probably lead into the unveiling of Doomfist and a grand showdown between multiple heroes of the Overwatch universe. After all, there is still no word on who stole the gauntlet.

2017 holds great promise for Overwatch, with Blizzard preparing to launch the official Overwatch League in the third quarter of the year.