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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hila Rao Shrine Guide – How To Go Past Magda And Solve The Puzzle

Shrines in Breath of the Wild are filled with various dangers and challenging puzzles but completing them can be really beneficial for players as they handsomely reward for all the hard work.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Hila Rao shrine guide will help players in completing this shrine and successfully solving the puzzle that awaits within to collect their spirit orb.

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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Hila Rao Shrine

To get to the puzzle, first players will have to get past Magda who is very protective of her flowers so players should be extremely careful not to step on any of the flowers in the area. Once they finally make their way past her into the shrine, solving the puzzle shouldn’t be a problem with the use of Cryonis.

A plank floats inside the very first pool of water players come across. Players can either wait for the plank to get to them, hop onto it and wait for it to drop them on the other side and cross through the door or they can simply create an iceblock using Cryonis and climb on that to cross to the other side.

Once the through the door, players will come up on yet another pool but the way of crossing this pool remains the same, those who want to cross it quickly can simply create an ice block for themselves.

The third pool requires some patience and care as the circulating pool can be a problem. There is also a chest in the pool which players can open by creating an ice block under it to force it to surface and then climb on the block to loot the chest for ice arrows.

To go past this area, players will need to blow up a cracked wall on the other side of the room. Both remote bombs or fire arrows can do the job as players simply have to blow up on the floating explosive barrels once it gets close to the crack.

When the wall has been destroyed, players can use an iceblock to travel to the hole and climb through it to pick up the spirit orb and then leave the shrine.

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