We Killed 20 Million Turkeys in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn released last month and has turned Aloy into the new face of PlayStation. Horizon Zero Dawn offers a massive world where hunting is a major part of Aloy’s day to day activities.

It keeps players busy and allows them to farm machine parts for crafting. While reviewing the game I spend plenty of time hunting and millions of other players did the same. According to developer Guerilla Games, players have killed 20 million turkeys and 152 million watchers.

It looks like players are ripping through the machines. 1.4 million Thunderjaws? That wouldn’t have been easy to do. Horizon Zero Dawn is now available on PlayStation 4. If you are yet to play the game we recommend picking up the title.

I was lucky enough to review the title and was amazed by the quality and depth of this title.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive achievement for Guerilla Games. For the first time, Guerilla Games has worked on something other than Killzone and my god, the studio has come up with a masterpiece. A studio that has worked on a linear shooter for the entirety of its creation allowed to work on a game like Zero Dawn is a testament to the fact that Sony’s belief in its first party studios has no parallel.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the dawn of a new future for Guerilla Games. Gone are the days when we found ourselves hunting the Helghast on linear levels.

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