K-Brad with the Memorable Street Fighter V Pop-Off of the Year

The rivalry between Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley and Joshua “WolfKrone” Philpot didn’t just begin with Street Fighter V. Rather it has been fueled over the years by both players, much to the enjoyment of the fighting game community.

On Sunday, the two veterans faced each other once again after winning from their respective pools at Final Round 20. Considering their history and the culmination of events from the past months, viewers knew that the hyped-up match would end on a special note.

K-Brad played through the entire series with a stone-face, dominating WolfKrone and refusing to lose a single round. Once the Evil Geniuses player secured victory, he sent the crowd into a frenzy by getting into the face of WolfKrone in a rather heated manner.

While many waited with baited breaths to see if the ferocious pop-off would lead to an unwanted turn of events, WolfKrone accepted his defeat by applauding and shaking hands with K-Brad afterwards.

One might say that K-Brad perhaps took it a bit too far. However, WolfKrone was pretty confident about his Street Fighter V match against the Evil Geniuses player. Ironically, he posted the following on Facebook before the tournament to goad K-Brad one last time.

Not to forget that when both of them met in January at Kumite in Tennessee, WolfKrone got the better of K-Brad before winning the Street Fighter V tournament. Notably, there was no post-match handshake after the series concluded.

Within the same month, the two faced each other again at Frosty Faustings, with WolfKrone literally washing his hands off K-Brad after defeating him in the losers bracket.

Both K-Brad and WolfKrone were actually training partners a long time back. This was before K-Brad was picked up by Evil Geniuses in 2014. Over the years, personal drama and heightened tensions have reduced that friendship to rubble.

Their storied pasts make every confrontation exciting for the audience. The latest pop-off is unlikely the end of this rivalry. WolfKrone will get another chance to get back at K-Brad, and if he succeeds, you can bet that things will heat up fast.