Denuvo Copy Protection Made Benchmarking Ghost Recon Wildlands Very Lengthy

Ghost Recon Wildlands has got great reviews ever since it launched this month and while the story and gameplay play an important role in the success of the game, there are those who want to know the performance numbers before they actually buy the game.

It seems that benchmarking Ghost Recon Wildlands is not easy because Denuvo copy protection does not like it when you repeatedly change the CPU.

You will be fine when swapping out GPUs but when it comes to changing CPUs repeatedly you will soon find that things are not as simple as you thought they were.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

According to Gamestar:

“The fact that no processors can be found in the technical table is due to the Denuvo copy protection: While the repeated exchange of graphics card is not a problem, access to the game after swapping too many different CPUs is temporarily blocked – test with several CPU models are extremely lengthy.”

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This could be something found in the new version of the protection software as this is something that we have not heard of before. Thankfully this is not something that everyone will face as I do not think that the average consumer has multiple CPUs lying around.

This will be a huge pain for game reviewers and hardware enthusiasts on the other hand who have made a hobby or a living out of doing these tests and reviews. There are mixed reviews regarding the game and while some people are praising the game there are those who cannot overlook the mistakes that Ubisoft always makes when making an open world game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

I for one had the feeling that there was something missing. I could not put my finger on exactly what that missing thing was but the feeling was very strong while playing the game.

Let us know if you had a hard time benchmarking Ghost Recon Wildlands.