Another Remake Controversy Hits League of Legends, Chinese Fans Not Pleased

An official League of Legends match between Qiao Gu Reapers and LGD Gaming had to be remade on the weekend after a buggy Tahm Kench was brought to light.

Having lost a key fight at Baron Nashor in the first game, QG initiate a pause to report that its support player Liu “Ali” Xudong was unable to cast W (Devour) on AD carry Wang “Alone” Zijun. After verifying the issue, Riot Games decided to remake the game.

Yang “Nicholas” Shunhua, manager of LGD, posted the following details on Weibo (via Yahoo Esports):

After official communication with Riot, here’s the latest update: Tahm Kench couldn’t cast Devour. He couldn’t Devour the AD. At the Baron fight, he Devoured Rengar, but afterwards he couldn’t Devour the AD, so they decided to replay the game. There’s nothing we can do. I hope the five players and coaches won’t be affected by these circumstances and will play well in the next match.

LGD had a strategy up its sleeve for the drafting phase of the first game. It banned out five mid-lane champions, with Wei “GODV” Shen locking in an extremely effective Ekko. The remake meant that QG could walk around the drafting strategy. It banned out Ekko for the remainder of the series and won both games over LGD.

The Chinese League of Legends community was not to pleased with what took place. Controversy brewed due to two facts.

Firstly, QG claimed that the bug hit during the fight at Baron Nashor. However, fans pointed out that Tahm Kench managed to successfully devour the friendly AD carry around the Dragon pit earlier in the game.

Secondly, when Riot Games released the voice communication between the team members, fans discovered that QG was already aware of the bug but refrained from reporting it to the support staff. It was assumed by fans that QG was saving the bug for a remake in the event of a potential defeat. Hence, if QG had won the fight at Baron Nashor, it might not have called for the pause which led to the remake.

This is the second controversial remake to hit League of Legends in the last week. Before the weekend, a match between Giants Gaming and Team Vitality had to be remade after a buggy Orianna was brought to attention.

The difference between both remakes is that Giants Gaming was inches away from victory before the game had to be remade. While LGD was indeed leading the first game, it is the timing of the pause that the League of Legends community is not happy with.

Last month, Riot games announced a League of Legends recovery tool which allows a live game to be remade from any past specific point. Officially named “Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool” but dubbed as “Chronobreak” for easier remembrance, the tool is only available for the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS). Hopefully, it will be released for other regions soon to avoid such scenarios in the future.