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World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Becomes Bigger This Year

This year’s World of Warcraft Arena World Championship is being revitalized with a larger prize pool, new tournament structure, and expanded coverage.

Until now, the competitive aspect of World of Warcraft rarely stays in the mainstream media for long. As a solution, Blizzard is increasing the number of tournaments this season to make sure that teams compete on a consistent basis. This will not only make the game “viable for the players, but also sustain a more consistent fan base.”

In addition, Blizzard is introducing a revamped points system for the Arena Championship that will work in tandem to the increased number of events. With teams having more opportunities to qualify for the World Championship, fans will be on the receiving end of a lengthy season full of World of Warcraft action.

“If you look at World of Warcraft Arena last year, it was really compressed,” said World of Warcraft esports manager Jeramy McIntyre. “[A] point system really allows and lended itself well to a year-long program.”

Besides the official circuit, Blizzard will also approve community tournaments for teams to earn points. However, they will account for lower than first-party events.

The new points system will be a source of great benefit for Blizzard to strengthen its esports audience. With more tournaments than ever before, fans will have ample opportunities to get close to the action and interact with their favorite players/teams.

A total of twelve teams, four more than year’s eight, will qualify for the world championship finals through regional qualifiers — four from North America, four from Europe, one from Latin America, two from China and a single team from Asia-Pacific. They will battle for a prize pool of $280,000, up from $250,000 last year.

Legion, the latest expansion pack for World of Warcraft, helped increase the game’s monthly activity. According to the company’s Q4 earnings report from last year, total subscription has gone up by 10 percent.