Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Impressions, Similar to Mass Effect 3

A group of PC Gamer employees took a trip to BioWare to get some Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer impressions. From what they’ve said, the game’s multiplayer closely mirrors that of Mass Effect 3’s own multiplayer, being a horde-style cooperative multiplayer mode where you fight off multiple waves of enemies.

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In the last Mass Effect game, Mass Effect 3, BioWare first implemented multiplayer into its games.

In that, players took the role of Milky Way races battling Cerberus soldiers, geth, or Reapers in a variety of locations around the galaxy.

From time to time, the waves of enemies are switched up by adding in other objectives, like holding a point or getting intelligence.

PC Gamer’s Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer impressions also took the gamer in question (who had never played Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer before) was caught off guard by the highly mobile style of gameplay; players in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer didn’t encourage players to hole up somewhere like in Gears of War.

The game’s variety of classes, ranging from the sniping Infiltrator to the support-oriented Engineer to the front-line combat Soldier and Vanguard, also give it plenty of variety to playthrough.

Several videos of the customization available in the game are already online as well.

These videos show off how players can change the abilities and armor color of their characters.

However, the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer impressions also had a few negative impressions as well, mainly that the enemies seemed to be too bullet-spongey; powers and abilities from damage-oriented characters like a krogan Vanguard seemed to evoke more of a response from them.

The writer also believed that the objectives and play was too simple, and that hopefully the missions would get more difficult and complex.

Considering how Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was, getting a lot of praise for its gameplay, hopefully BioWare has listened and made the multiplayer more fun so that bullet sponge complaints and the rest of it won’t be a problem.