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League of Legends Runes and Masteries Are Being Reworked for Better Pre-Game

Riot Games is becoming more open about impending changes to the current system of Runes and Masteries featured in League of Legends.

In a new video, lead producer Riot New001 admitted that the original design was aimed at making players choose between different Runes and Masteries based on their individual play-style or other gameplay-related aspects.

However, Rune and Mastery pages are pretty much locked down to pre-made guides. Despite changes and adjustments from the developer in every season, players end up relying on just a few number of definite pages.

For example, pretty much every champion picks up health or armor seals for their Rune pages regardless of role. Mage supports follow the same Mastery path to end up with Thunderlord’s Decree. There is no need to experiment with other attributes.

In addition, the developer believes that defaulting to pre-made Rune and Mastery pages makes it hard to appreciate their impact in the game. As such, the current system has evolved into a grinding experience, especially for new players.

Some runes are expensive, making it frustrating to spend hard-earned IP to fill up a page rather than unlock new champions. At the end, it is all about completing the same page which is being used by majority of players. Hence, why even have them in League of Legends in the first place?

It is uncertain as to how Riot Games plans to address the problem but the popular theory from the community is that Runes will be made free.

According to the developer, “major changes to Runes and Masteries” are being set up to make the pre-game more fun and engaging. The company is still not ready to talk about what kind of changes are inbound but this is the second time that it has brought up the issue following the pre-season.

In December, lead champion designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there are major changes coming to Runes sometime this year. “There are a number of things about them we think we could improve,” he said at the time.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more on that in the coming months.