New League of Legends Mode Will Bridge Solo Queue and Pro-Play

Riot Games is working on a new form of League of Legends experience that is designed to offer a different kind of team competition adjacent to ranked play.

In a new video, lead producer Riot New001 pointed out how there is a tremendous gap between the best players of solo queue and professionals enrolled in the League Championship Series (LCS).

It is not an unknown fact that League of Legends is played very differently in ranked and tournament circuits. Players tend to place themselves in a mold to win in the former, while the latter requires great adaptation and strategy. A champion might not be deemed too good for solo queue but may prove vital for a specific team composition in high-level play.

What if solo queue players could get a real taste of how League of Legends is played when the stakes are high?

A new form of competitive mode will be released in the future that bridges the gap between high-tier solo queue and professional play. The developer is interested in providing an experience that rewards organized team competition but still appeals to players of all skill levels.

While League of Legends already features a five-man queue for players to form their own teams, the new system is aimed at something entirely different.

“Imagine grouping up with friends and entering an amateur League of Legends tournament,” teased the developer.

Until now, such an experience is limited to third-party tournaments or the LCS. Riot Games wants to bring that experience to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, the new form of team competition is in the early phase of development. There are still many problems that need to be fixed, and other issues that must be resolved. Hence, more information on the subject will arrive for the public when the system is in a better place.

In the same video, the producer confirmed that the Honor system is being entirely reworked to feature more depth and relevance. There will be greater rewards and incentives for players in the name of sportsmanship. The Honor Rework is scheduled to arrive later this year.