League of Legends Honor System Due for Rework, Will Feature “Greater Rewards”

Following years of feedback and planning, Riot Games is finally ready to completely overhaul the honor system of League of Legends.

In a new video, lead producer Riot New001 explained how the current system lacks depth. There is no information present for players to better understand how the rewards work. It is pretty much a ticking counter placed against an icon in a profile, making it difficult for players to connect themselves with Honor points and reflect on sportsmanship.

The new Honor system is designed to be much more integrated with the actual experience of playing League of Legends. It will have greater incentives and rewards based on consistent sportsmanship.

Over the years, the Honor system has devolved in the eyes of majority of the League of Legends player-base. Very few remember to actually reward their allies or opponents at the end of the game.

Riot Games is well-aware of this fact, and doesn’t want to include just a small percentage of the most positive players in the game. Rather, the developer is interested in making sure that everyone is somehow involved with the new Honor system in adopting an honorable demeanor.

From a teaser image, it appears that the new Honor system will feature different tiers much like ranked ratings. Progressing through to achieve specific tier-goals will likely grant various rewards that may include Summoner Icons and skins.

The new Honor system is due for a release later this year, meaning that we could see it arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in the coming months. More details have been promised to arrive for the community soon.

Previously, Riot Games was against placing incentives for rewarding positive player behavior. Players shouldn’t be coaxed into honoring others because that would only prove to be a flawed system. It will be interesting to see how the developer has decided to work around that perspective.

In the same video, the producer confirmed that a new form of competitive mode will be released in the future that bridges the gap between high-tier solo queue and professional play. The developer is interested in providing an experience that rewards organized team competition but still appeals to players of all skill levels.