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I Am Setsuna Graphical Comparison Video Shows Switch and PS4 Versions

A new Digital Foundry video has been posted onto the group’s YouTube channel, taking the form of an I Am Setsuna graphical comparison video.

The title, originally a Playstation 4 game, will be ported over to the Switch sometime later this year. The video is intended to see how different the title looks on both platforms.

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I Am Setsuna is a throwback to old-style Japanese RPG games. Taking place in a land shrouded in eternal winter, I Am Setsuna focuses around a warrior named Endir as he escorts a maiden named Setsuna to a shrine, where she will be sacrificed to appease vicious demons.

The game got fairly positive reviews, and was apparently successful enough that a Switch port happened.

According to the I Am Setsuna graphical comparison video, there’s actually not a lot that’s really different from how the game is on the Playstation 4, compared to the Switch.

The same assets are being used and everything else, but the two versions looking very similar isn’t that surprising for a game that’s not very intensive.

Both games run at native 1080p resolution, though the Switch version has to distinguish whether or not the console’s gamepad is actually docked to the console or not.

The Switch version also only runs at 30 frames per second. The only noticeable difference otherwise, when both games are running in the same resolution, is lighting. The Playstation 4 version gets one more light source than the Switch.

I Am Setsuna was made available as a third-party launch title for the Switch. If you want to learn more about how it looks, you can take a look at the I Am Setsuna graphical comparison video further up the page to see for yourself, or buy the game on your own Nintendo Switch if you don’t have the Playstation 4 version.