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Telltale’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Plot Detailed, Will Feature Ton Of Easter Eggs

Telltale’s next game is Guardians Of The Galaxy and like the previous games from the developer it will also be a point and click adventure.

Now developer Telltale Games has revealed some plot details for the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy game. Bill Rosemann from Marvel Games joined Telltale Games at their panel at PAX East 2017 where the devs confirmed that Guardians Of The Galaxy game will not be tied to the movie but it will tell an original story.

According to the devs, after a battle Guardians find a mysterious artifact and turn out that a powerful enemy also wants the artifact for herself.

Furthermore, the devs confirmed that the game will have a ton of easter eggs from the movie, animated series, and the comics.

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Also, Telltale Games confirmed that while the game will focus on the Guardians but also there will be a familiar female character from the Marvel roster but did not reveal who it will be.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a point and click adventure in development at Telltale Games and will launch sometime this year for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. Also, Nolan North will be voicing the Rocket Racoon in the game.