Report: Xbox One Scorpio To Feature 4K Blu-Ray Player, Supersampling And More

Microsoft will fully reveal the Xbox One Scorpio later this year and rumors regarding the console have already started to pop up on the internet.

According to Windows Central, who claims that trusted sources of theirs have told them that Xbox One Scorpio will be featuring a 4K Blu-Ray player just as Xbox One S features and will be “powered by HDMI 2.0a with Wide Color Gamut and HDR”.

The report also suggests that those who don’t have a 4K TV will benefit from the extra power of the console. One example of the benefit is the supersampling, which basically renders the image at a higher quality and downsamples it to achieve a smoother image.

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According to the report, Xbox One Scorpio will also come with “Shader Model 6 (SM6) and shader compiler improvements”.

It is important to note that these are just rumors and Microsoft is yet to officially confirm these. So take these rumors as a grain of salt.

Since the reveal of Scorpio, many industry analysts have shared their thoughts on the console and recently, industry analyst Micheal Goodman said that it will be third or fourth generation games that will be able to take full advantage of Xbox One Scorpio.

It is third or fourth generation titles that should be able to show the difference. My expectations is that the launch titles on Scorpio are not going to be that much more amazing than what you will find somewhere else. It is going to be a year or two down the road where you should start to see the true capability of the platform.

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