Playstation Releases Sharefactory Update 2.50, With New Features

Playstation has released Sharefactory update 2.50, giving it new features when it releases today. Sharefactory is a function on the Playstation 4 that allows gamers to record gameplay videos and edit them, and even post them online.

And now, with the new update, you’ll be able to do even more with the service.

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To start off with, we have the new tools that come with Sharefactory update 2.50. You can now import content from other devices to your PS4, allowing you to use it as a more dedicated video editing service.

Clone Clipping is also a thing, which allows you to duplicate any clip you’re working with, with all of its filters, stickers, and text.

You can also now start editing from the Sharefactory Capture Gallery. This allows you to pick up to 16 different clips from your gallery into Sharefactory and start editing them, making it faster than ever before.

Other features that have come with Sharefactory update 2.50 include over 30 textures you can use to personalize your text as well as the ability to freely scale your text, a new Infomercial Sharefactory theme, new Photo Mode collages with support for up to 16 images, new Photo Mode Templates, new stickers, and updates to the UI.

Contextual help has also been added to Sharefactory, allowing you to get tutorials when you need them.

Some of the changes, like the ability to import your own media to Sharefactory, have been long-requested for a while as well. With these new changes, Sharefactory will grow into an even larger service that can be used by many an aspiring Let’s Player.

So, if you’re one of those people that uses Sharefactory a lot, you can log on to it right now and play around to see what all Sharefactory update 2.50 has done to make your editing job easier for you.