Nintendo Switch Dock Design Could Have Been Different From Now

A number of copyright and patent documents have been leaked onto the internet via Twitter. The documents show off different ways the Nintendo Switch Dock design could have been different from how it is now. Apparently, Nintendo wanted to cover as many bases as they could before they started production.

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The current Nintendo Switch Dock design is a fairly simple one. Players can slot the Switch gamepad into the Dock in order to not only charge the pad, but also to increase the resolution that you can play a game at. However, there were also other designs that the Dock could have gotten.

The most current one, and the closest we got to the current dock, is one that simply left one side open, allowing you to see the console logo. Now the dock is double-sided, and considering recent complaints about screen scratching and dead pixels, that design may be the culprit.

In addition to issues dealing with the screen, some Switch owners have also reported issues with Wi Fi connectivity and controller connections, making it more difficult for some players to play their games without constantly losing connection to Nintendo’s online service.

While the Switch still sold hugely in its first few days despite a dearth of games, Nintendo still has to deal with its technical issues in the next manufacturing run. While we likely won’t get a new Nintendo Switch Dock design to make it more suitable for putting the pad in, hopefully Nintendo will take notice.

In the meantime, take a look at the screenshots above to see what other Nintendo Switch Dock design variants we might have gotten from Nintendo’s newest console. In the meantime, be on the lookout for any problems with your Switch, and be careful when putting it back in the dock to keep from damaging the screen.