Leak Reveals Mass Effect Andromeda Microtransaction Prices

A leak about BioWare has revealed Mass Effect Andromeda microtransaction prices, showing players what they can expect to spend small amounts of money on when playing the game’s multiplayer. Microtransactions for multiplayer were also part of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer system, where players could buy loot boxes and new characters.

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The leak came from UK retailer ShopTo.net, which revealed the microtransactions in a blurb. In the blurb, they revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda microtransaction prices would be called “Andromeda Points” and would be used to obtain multiplayer packs.

Microtransactions have become an integral part of many multiplayer systems now, much to the chagrin of many gamers who would like to play games without being constantly bugged for money.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s points be used to unlock various card packs, though those can also be earned through regular gameplay. Much like other multiplayer games, microtransactions mainly exist to cut down on grinding.

The Mass Effect Andromeda microtransaction prices show off players being able to buy points in a number of amounts. These range from packs of 500 to packs of 12,000, with the price going up accordingly with each new amount.

Microtransactions have been a highly controversial decision ever since they were first imagined, due to the “Pay to Win” angle that many games use. Players willing to spend more money can buy more packs, which will give them a higher chance of getting good gear.

While Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer isn’t competitive and is instead cooperative (players will be fighting waves of enemies in a horde mode similar to Mass Effect 3), the apprehension will still be there.

The various maps that are going to be added in the game post-launch will be free, as well, so hopefully the Mass Effect Andromeda microtransaction prices won’t be too abused by players that want to get the best gear.