Riot Games Admits League of Legends Patch 7.5 Made It Worse

Several changes that arrived recently with Patch 7.5 failed to provide desirable results, confessed the League of Legends developer.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that the Aatrox mini-update “almost certainly” made the champion a lot weaker than before. While players were expected to struggle as they adapt to his new play-style, the noticeable weaker kit has convinced Riot Games to look into his numbers for possible improvements.

There is a slight chance that we won’t have to wait long to see Aatrox addressed, as the developer hopes to hot-fix the Darkin Blade soon.

The latest patch was supposed to balance out a few champions but inadvertently dialed them back too much. Le Blanc, Varus, and Miss Fortune all had their damage reduced in one way or another. According to the developer, it is waiting on more data on their performance in-game to confirm whether the recent changes should be averted or adjusted.

“Understanding where they’ve landed off these changes will be helpful for assessing any possible future needs,” he explained.

However, not all is bad as far as patch 7.5 is concerned. The changes to keystone masteries, including the replacement of Bond of Stone with Stoneborn Pact, are working as intended. Though, the developer feels that “a bit of tidying up” is required in the next patch to smooth out a few minor aspects.

In addition, Riot Games is fairly happy with how Lucian was treated by the new patch. It is too soon to verify whether he has increased in power levels but in his present state, players can “definitely feel improvement”.

Patch 7.6 is scheduled to arrive for League of Legends later this month and will be smaller in terms of changes due to the upcoming League Championship Series (LCS) playoffs.

“We’ve had a number of patches with some pretty wide impacting changes in them since pre-season (jungle tuning, masteries adjustments etc),” he noted. “We think it’s time for a less changing period as a result (7.7 and 7.8 will also probably have fewer systemic changes than usual too therefore).”