League of Legends Bug Forces Controversial Remake Between Giants and Vitality

Yet another bug found its way into the professional League of Legends circuit, impacting results and leaving fans dismayed.

Yesterday, the ongoing Spring Split of the European League Championship Series (EU LCS) pitted Giants Gaming against Team Vitality. Up by one in the best-of-three series, Giants continued its dominance in the second game.

With a sizable lead in terms of kills, gold, turrets, and drakes, the players moved in to deliver the final blow. However, they were stopped in their tracks by a pause initiated from the side of Team Vitality.

Mid-laner Erlend “Nukeduck” Våtevik brought to attention that his champion, Orianna, was bugged. Her ball was becoming invisible whenever she used E (Command Protect). This made it impossible for not only his team members but also the players on the other side to see where the ball was being placed.

Riot Games ruled in favor of a remake. Unfortunately for Giants, Vitality picked up both games to win the series 2-1.

Naturally, fans were not too pleased with the decision of remaking a game that Giants had certainly won. In addition, Giants revealed on Twitter that it had not agreed to a remake but was forced to do so by Riot Games.

On the other hand, Vitality responded that it had only paused the game to report the bug and had not requested for a remake.

To clear up the confusion, European esports manager Riot Snowbird posted afterwards to explain what exactly happened during the pause.

League officials verified the visual bug and determined it had significant game impact. In accordance to our rules (section 7.10.5), in case of a critical and verifiable bug, the team disadvantaged by the bug, in this case Vitality, will be presented with the option for a restart.

We understand that GIA had the gold lead at the time the bug occurred and that VIT accepting a remake when behind can feel unfair, however, in this case the bug was significantly game impacting and for both teams a fair completion of the game, the outcome of which was not decided yet, would not have been possible.

To make matters worse, the same bug that caused this drama in the EU LCS was reported by the League of Legends community a couple of months back.

In such situations, it is preferable to disable the champion until the issues have been resolved. However, Orianna was still being played. Now, though, she has been disabled from competitive play until further notice.

Giants currently sits at the bottom of the official standings. Had it not been for the controversial remake, it would have been in a better position to escape relegation.

Last month, Riot games announced a League of Legends recovery tool which allows a live game to be remade from any past specific point. Officially named “Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool” but dubbed as “Chronobreak” for easier remembrance, the tool is only available for the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS). Hopefully, it will be released for other regions soon to avoid such scenarios in the future.