Hearthstone Price Changes Announced for Europe

By   /   Mar 10, 2017

Blizzard has announced, much to the disappointment of many, that it will be increasing the pricing of Hearthstone purchases for Europe later this month.

All transactions conducted through the Battle.net Shop on PC, Mac, and Android, will be made more expensive to “align with local and regional market conditions”.

We’d like to let everyone know that we’ll soon be adjusting the pricing of Hearthstone purchases made through the PC, Mac and Android clients, and through the Battle.net Shop. We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes such as these to align with local and regional market conditions.

The new prices are scheduled to go live on March 22 across the aforementioned platforms. However, community manager Zaerhinon confirmed that the pre-order price of Journey to Un’Goro will not be affected and remain the same until launch. The price tags in the shop will then be updated afterwards to reflect the new policies.

You can go through the updated pricing below:

2 Packs€2.69€2.99£1.99£2.99
7 Packs€8.99€9.99£6.99£8.99
15 Packs€17.99€19.99£13.99£16.99
40 Packs€44.99€49.99£34.99£44.99
60 Packs€62.99€69.99£47.99£59.99
Adventure Wing€5.99€6.99£4.99£6.99
Arena Ticket€1.49€1.99£1.49£1.99

Journey to Un’Goro is the next expansion pack for Hearthstone and is scheduled to arrive early next month. It is themed around the massive crater featured in the Warcraft universe, and will bring a number of new gameplay mechanics to refresh the meta.

Journey to Un’Goro will feature 135 new cards in total and can be pre-ordered right now for $49.99 / €44.99 to attain 50 Journey to Un’Goro card packs.

The developer has promised to reveal a bunch of new cards next week. Until then, we’re relying on the Hearthstone community to dig up information beforehand.

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