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Twitch Will Enhance Its Streaming Business with NewTek IP Series

Twitch plans to upgrade its current streaming platform by tapping into new video production technology and tools announced by NewTek earlier this week.

The world’s leading video platform for gaming and esports enthusiasts is already powered by the Texas-based hardware and software company. With the announcement of a new iteration of the NewTek IP Series, Twitch wants to improve its offerings for a more positive experience for its audience.

NewTek creates live and post-production video tools, as well as visual imaging software for media personal. On Monday, the company unveiled how its NewTek IP Series will remove production limitations and hardware restrictions to grant important freedom for content creators and managers.

The NewTek IP Series is a software-driven production tool that provides a more effective and flexible workflow with video production. It uses Network Device Interface (NDI) technology. The current NDI allows for the simultaneous release of a single video into different platforms, capable of releasing 1080/60i HD video with the speed of 100Mbps. There is almost no delay.

Producers can edit live streams by dividing the screen, merging multiple screens, and making changes along the way. Subtitles and special effects can also be added on-the-fly, without causing any technical issues or delay.

“Combining SDI compatibility and IP flexibility, the NewTek IP Series integrates into your current infrastructure, while priming your facility for the future,” said NewTek. “Your workflow and production [will] keep pace with your vision for storytelling, even in the face of a rapidly changing industry.”

Commenting on the technology, Twitch stated that the NewTek IP series is vital for the streaming business and will undoubtedly enhance operations.

Twitch just launched its own microblogging service called Pulse, featuring a dedicated Facebook-like page on its website that offers another source of engagement between streamers and audience. Rather than shifting to other social media outlets for updates and media, users can do the same through Pulse.

via InvenGlobal