The Division Anniversary Event Has Free Currency, High Rewards and More

Ubisoft Massive is about to celebrate the first anniversary of The Division from tomorrow, March 9 until the middle of the next week, and there’s some interesting stuff that’s waiting just for you to grab it.

Basically, the Division Anniversary Event will give to those who log between March 9 and 16 a new “Rocky-Style” Celebration emote and 200 Premium Credit. Furthermore, from March 9 to 11 you will be able to access to special events with double rewards for High Value Targets and Double Field Proficiency Caches.

Are you joining the Division Anniversary Event?.

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One of the most requested The Division’s features was the loadout. Many requests have been sent to Ubisoft since the game’s launch, and it seems that they have been helpful.

During an interview with GameRant, the Creative Director of the game, Julian Gerighty, talked about the plans of the studio for The Division Year 2, claiming that the loadout feature is on its way:

A few things we’ll surely talk about during the livestream are loadouts, and specific loadout slots that we’ll be able to provide players so they can switch from one preferred loadout to another to match a particular situation. Another one is feats, which will give players rewards within the game with unique patches and vanity items showing that these players have achieved a certain level of confidence within the game. We see these as our very own Division achievements.

Ubisoft’s The Division is already out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The company is also working on a movie adaptation of the game. More information coming soon.