Blizzard Is Punishing Overwatch Players That Farm Experience Points

Overwatch players that are exploiting the game to farm experience points are to start getting hit with punishments, according to a statement by Jeff Kaplan. He has also said that, if players help others to farm experience through the Custom Game Browser, they risk having their accounts banned from the game.

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While the Custom Game Browser is a novel idea for the game and helps players to make a bunch of fun game types, of course there are people that want to abuse it.

Players mainly do this by just going into a match, picking a hero, and doing nothing, letting time run out and letting you gain XP.

As you can imagine, a game that’s as competitively focused as Overwatch doesn’t really like when you do that. Blizzard has been extremely committed to keeping the game as fair as possible, to the point where they ban cheaters so thoroughly that they need to get an entirely new computer to be able to play the game again.

Overwatch players abusing the system to farm XP can be taken as this in a lot of other ways, as they’re not putting in any of the work that more honest players are putting in to level up their own characters and gain rewards.

Not only do players that farm XP run the risk of being banned for their antics, they also might end up being the targets of a gradual escalation of punishment by Blizzard. Bans are only the start: the devs also intend on setting up an AFK timer in the game so that you can’t sit still.

And if the problem continues, experience gain for the Custom Game Browser will be turned off entirely.

So, if you’re one of the Overwatch players doesn’t want to actually play for experience, you’d best start now.