New Prey Screenshots Shows The Diary Of The Protagonist, Equipment and Enemies Unveiled?

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Arkane Studios’ Prey, the reboot of the game released in 2006 by Human Head Studios. However, Arkane has just released some Prey screenshots taken from the diary of the protagonist – Morgan Yu – that will be very helpful during the game experience.

From enemies to equipment, the diary of Morgan Yu details ways to survive to enemies and how use some of the items available in Prey.

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Besides Prey screenshots, the title will have a different approach from the first game, as well as different number of hours to complete the story. This topic was recently discussed by lead designer Ricardo Bare when speaking with Twinfinite; the game will take 16 to 22 hours to complete, depending on the players’ play style.

With all the games like this that we work on, the amount of time varies widely depending on the style of the player but we’ve done a lot of playtests with people, and typically it will take 16 to 22 hours to complete the game.

Bare has also confirmed that Prey will feature multiple endings, depending on the players’ choice regarding the space station and the characters that are still alive.

Dishonored 2 launch on PC was quite painful for both Bethesda and Arkane because of poor optimization. The team wasn’t aware of the huge number of problems affecting that version of the game, but things have changed ever since and the companies are now assuring that Prey PC won’t suffer any of those issues.

What version of Prey are you going to buy? Are you still afraid of bad optimization?

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Prey is releasing on May 5th, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.