Ion Cancellation Confirmed, RocketWerkz And Improbable Both On Their Separate Paths

Dean Hall has been a figure of controversy in gaming circle for quite some time and it seems like the trend will continue with the latest news of Ion cancellation.

The news of Ion cancellation was revealed yesterday when both Dean Hall and his partners in development, Improbable, confirmed that no work was being done on the space survival game.

Originally unveiled during Microsoft’s conference at E3 2015, Dean Hall touted Ion as a “game that is not a game” and emphasized on the simulation part of Ion. According to him, his studio RocketWerkz and Improbable were working together to create a MMO simulation game that would feature pretty much everything in the universe.

While the initial reception to the project was intriguing, many were still vary partly because of Hall himself. Dean Hall is well known as the creator of DayZ mod for Arma 2 followed by DayZ standalone. He is also known for not really completing either of these projects and left Bohemia Interactive to form his own studio.

While no fixed release date for the game was announced, the news of Ion cancellation has people wondering whether Dean Hall can really be trusted to deliver on such highly ambitious projects or is he the next Sean Murray.

Ion was going to use Improbable’s SpatialOS engine and according to RocketWerkz, the game is just not possible without them.

It is unclear whether the cancellation was due to some falling out or just a shift in priorities since both the companies are working on significant other projects now such as VR games from RocketWerkz and Improbable’s partnership with Google.

It is however clear that the plans of abandoning Ion’s production actually went into motion quite a while ago as development seized in Q3 last year when Dean Hall moved back to New Zealand.