HP 800 G3 EliteOne, The World’s Most Secure And Manageable All-in-One

If you are looking for an all-in-one PC for business use then HP has you covered with the new HP 800 G3 EliteOne. HP claims that the HP 800 G3 EliteOne is the world’s most secure and manageable all-in-one and from where I am sitting I have to say that it looks stunning.

The HP 800 G3 EliteOne is a very flexible option for business as you can customize the configuration according to your needs and the price will be according to the configuration. Let’s talk about the specs next.

HP 800 G3 EliteOne,

HP 800 G3 EliteOne Specifications

The specifications of the HP 800 G3 EliteOne are as follows:

  • CPU: You can choose a CPU from the Intel® Celeron™ G3950 up to the latest generation Intel Core i7-7700.
  • GPU: You can choose between integrated graphics or an AMD RX 460.
  • RAM: There are 2 DIMM slots and you can use up to 32 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM
  • Storage: You can choose from HDD and SSD storage options of your choice ranging from 1 TB HDD to 256 SSD.
  • PSU: 180 W, 87% efficient

HP 800 G3 EliteOne,

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You may have noted that the GPU is not all that great. Keep in mind that this is for professional use and it is unlikely that you will be gaming in a traditional office. Keeping that in mind the GPU is justified plus looking at the premium quality of the components a better GPU would have added to the cost. I do think that having an option for a better GPU would be appreciated.

The following are some additional features that you get with the HP 800 G3 EliteOne:

HP 800 G3 EliteOne,

The HP 800 G3 EliteOne is a premium all-in-one which has a very professional look and configuration options that are highly customizable. I think that this series will be very popular in the professional workplace.

Let us know what you think about the HP 800 G3 EliteOne.